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We have a great team of experienced architect, designer and constuction manager to serve our clients. 


Our Projects

We are specialized in commercial, residential, restaurants, and industrical buildings.


About Us

We have a great relationship and our workmanship has been qualified by the major property management companies like; Westfield Corporation, Simon Property Group, Macerich Company, General Growth Properties, Caruso Affiliated, etc.


Christopher Pae

Founder & Principal

Multi-Family / Mixed-Use

M- Apartment, Los Angeles, CA 2015

  13 unit 6 story with 1 subterranean garage approx.47,500 sf

Sunset Apartment, Los Angeles, CA 2014

  26 unit 3 story with 1 subterranean garage approx.37,000 sf

940 Western Mixed-use Apartment, Los Angeles, CA 2013

  78 unit mixed-used apartments in Koreatown approx. 90,000 sf

Dream Castle Apartment, Los Angeles, CA 2011

  46 unit, 5 story with 1 subterranean garage approx.53,000 sf.

Harvard Heights Senior Housing, Los Angeles, CA 2010

  67 unit, 5 story with 2 subterranean garage approx.77,750 sf

Burlington Senior Apartments, Los Angeles, CA 2009

  54 unit, 4 story with 1 subterranean garage approx.40,000 sf

Shopping Mall

M-Plaza Shopping Center- Los Angeles, CA 2015

  New shopping center approx.23,650 sf with subterranean parking

Kelite Shopping Center- Downtown, CA 2013

  New shopping center approx.100,000 sf with parking structure for 300 cars

Diamond Plaza- Pasadena, CA

  Shell building work for Trader Joes and CVS approx. 28,000 sf.

Koreatown Plaza- Los Angeles, CA 2013

  Mall interior remodel

Pratunum Plaza Shopping Center- North Hollywood, CA 2011

  New shopping center approx.4,360 sf with 6 retail spaces

Bamboo Plaza- Downtown, CA 2010

  Remodel existing shopping center


Cornerstone Church Main Sanctuary Remodel- Harbor City, CA 2017

  Main sanctuary remodel approx.7,000 s.f.

Western Church of LA Façade and Landscape- Los Angeles, CA 2016

  Façade remodel and new landscape

Church Everyday Main Building Remodel, Northridge, CA 2012

  Entire exterior remodel approx.30,000 sf

Church Everyday Education Building, Northridge, CA 2012

  New 3 story 28,000 sf education and office building

Suhmoon Church Multi-purpose Building- Garden Grove, CA 2009

  New 2-story, 8,230 sf multi-purpose building to existing church facility


Meet Fresh Westminster, CA 2019

  New 3,100 sf dessert and drink store

Meet Fresh Westfield Oakridge, San Jose, CA 2019

  New 2,900 sf dessert and drink store

La Vaca Westfield Culver City, Culver City, CA 2019

  650 sf space inside food court (Westfield Management)

Meet Fresh Westfield San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 2019

  New 3,300 sf dessert and drink store

Meet Fresh, Crossroads Market Place, Chino Hills, CA 2019

  New 2,500 sf dessert and drink store

Wushiland Boba, Westfield Santa Anita, Arcadia, CA 2019

  New 1,900 sf dessert and drink store

La Vaca, Westfield Topanga, Topanga, CA 2019

  709 sf inside food court (Westfield Management)


UD Dental- Irvine, CA 2011

  Tenant Improvement and interior approx.7,270 sf.

Ophthalmology Medical Building- Torrance, CA 2014

  Exterior and interior remodel approx.6,600 sf

Dr. Choi’s Medical Office- Glendale, CA 2014

  Tenant Improvement remodel approx.1,700 sf

Rodem Tree Acupuncture- La Habra, CA 2011

  Tenant Improvement approx.1,413 sf.

Industrial Buildings

De Silva Brothers & Company Manufacture

   New Processing room add to existing Warehouse 22,000 sf

Lax-C Warehouse-DTLA

  New Warehouse approx. 14,000 sf

LG Electronic Warehouse- Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

  New racks addition to existing warehouse approx.120,620 sf

Alkhemist Manufacture

  New Manufacture approx. 6,700 sf

New Auto Shop, Interior Remodel, DTLA 

  Interior remodel of office and showroom approx. 10,720 sf

Ace Metal Warehouse- Fullerton, CA 

  1,800 sf office addition to existing 7,000 sf warehouse

Panifex Bakery at Lax-C, DTLA

  New barkery manufacture approx. 3,000 sf

Mareblu Naturals Manufacture-Anaheim, CA

  New 2-story office inside the warehouse approx. 3,000 sf


CJ Foodville Office Remodel 

  Office Remodel approx. 6,600 sf.

United States Postal Service- Huntington Beach, CA 

  Relocate NPU stations

Bento Box Office Remodel- Studio City, CA 

  Tenant improvement approx.20,000 sf

Finton Construction Building- Pasadena, CA 

  Façade and interior remodel approx.3,942 sf.



Xchange of America, Westfield Culver City, CA 

  Currency Exchange Retail approx. 600 sf

Attraction Studio, Westfield Santa Anita Mall- Arcadia, CA 

  Remodel of existng photography studio approx.1,259 sf.

New Book Store- Hollywood, CA 

  Tenant improvement approx.1,600 sf



Old Town Market- Pasadena, CA

  Tenant Improvement approx. 7,000 sf

Monarch Market Remodel- Studio City, CA  

  Tenant improvement approx.5,833 sf

Q-Bargain- Los Angeles, CA 

  Tenant Improvement Market approx.3,700 sf

Smart Nutrition Market- Long Beach, CA 

  Tenant Improvement Market approx.3000 sf

Jerry’s Market- Los Angeles, CA 

  Tenant Improvement approx.2,370 sf

Hair Salon

Julianne Hair Salon- Los Angeles, CA 

  Tenant Improvement and interior approx.1,000 sf

RT7 Beauty Salon- Garden Grove, CA 

  Interior tenant improvement approx. 2400 sf.


Indoor Playground- Los Angeles, CA 

  Tenant improvement approx.3,500 sf

Indoor Playground- Northridge, CA

  Tenant improvement approx. 5,000 sf

Chris Pae is the founding principal of CP Studio Inc. He graduated from Woodbury University, Burbank California in 2000. He worked at various architecture firms in the Los Angeles area and in 2009 established CP Studio Inc. with partners. Since then his passions for architecture and design lead the company to many projects.

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